WPMC Photography Chair Rebecca Miller has once again judged our annual Photo Contest and selected the following winners in four categories.  Here they are, in the order they were announced:


  • First Place: Sarah Banach, Pholiota
  • Second Place: Jennifer Bechak, Chicken of the woods
  • Third Place: Kris Murawski, Amanita


  • First Place: Richard Jacob, Xeromphalina campanella
  • Second Place: Cecily Franklin, Lycoperdon perlatum with cone
  • Third Place: Dick Dougall, Amanita banningana

Judge’s Option

  • First Place:  Patty Houck, Calostoma cinnabarinum
  • Second Place: Lynn Gill, Pholiotas (2 photos)
  • Third Place: Beth Dinger, Brown mushroom at Preston Park
  • Fourth Place: Ron Hilton, Red eft on Megacollybia rodmani

The Fun in Fungi

  • First Place: Gordon Bailey & Justyna Ausareny, Mushroom Mania
  • Second Place: David Zehner, Big Morel
  • Third Place: John Stuart, Psychedelic mushrooms in Chihuly glass


Our thanks to everyone who entered, and to Rebecca for serving as Judge.  Other photo entries will be featured in future newsletters. The winners are here and we will add the other entries at a later date.