Website moved to new host: pair Networks.

Over the last week or so we have planned and then moved the website to a new hosting service. The website has been hosted by for a very long time but has out grown its current home. We choose local hosting company pair Networks as the new host. The majority of our club members and website visitors are based in the Pittsburgh region so it makes sense to have a local hosting company. We hope for improvements in performance and reliability. We also like that pair Networks strives to run an efficient carbon neutral business and provide a healthy work environment. All goals that are in line with the philosophical leanings of a mushroom club. The move did not quite go as planned but ultimately it was successful. If you encounter any problems with links, images or other issues please let me know.

Expect a few more posts than normal over the next few days as I clear the back logs of species lists and posts.




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  1. Dear Richard, Thank you for keeping me in the loop. Weather has not been condusive for spring fungi here. I would venture to say there are many mutants. — I received a notice today that reads along the same warning as last– Due to climate changes, the poison ivy and oaks will have a longer growing season – hence be harder to avoid and STRONGER. Funny thing is — the major supplier of preventative/treatment products we use insists there is no such thing as poison oak on this side of the Mississippi. We know of three, most likely will be closer to five. Every shroom hunter Knows ivy, oak is a different beast. Oak affects myself worse than ivy. ( That’s were the walking stick comes into play again ). I understand these rush-oils can stay active on our shoe laces for ten years. So as always, be safe outdoors and enjoy! No that’s not an orphan DEER. If you come across a baby, turn and slowly walk another direction. Please feel free to edit. Your Friend, Jon Duffer

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