City Nature Challenge 2020: Pittsburgh Region starts on Friday April 24, 2020 and runs to Sunday April 27, 2020.

There is a iNaturalist page that goes over the requirements and a general webpage for the whole project.

Mushrooms are still a bit thin on the ground but between us all we should find quite a variety. Here is what we found last year on an Earth day walk in Frick Park. Due to current social distances regulations there is no organized walks and you are on your own. Take a family member so that you don’t get lost on your own and be aware of ticks!

CARNEGIE MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY & PITTSBURGH PARKS CONSERVANCY have prepared nine guides for posting good photos to iNaturalist.
Fungi, Lichens, Trees, Herbaceous Plants, Birds, Mammals, Insects, Mollusks and even Arachnids!
Carnegie Museum Of Natural History even has a photogenic fungi page.
Check these out before Friday, April 24, when the CITY NATURE CHALLENGE begins!