Upcoming events: First walk of the year and first meeting of the year.

The first walk of the year will take place rain or shine, probably rain, in South Park with La Monte Yarroll. Meet La Monte before 10 am at the nature center. Mushrooms collected during the walk will be displayed at the… Read More

Oyster and Split gill Mushroom kits

At the May monthly meeting mushroom kits were distributed to all the members. There were four spawn available for your culturing enjoyment: Pleurotus eryngii also known as king trumpet mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus the oyster mushroom Schizophyllum commune the split gill fungus Agrocybe… Read More

Winter mushrooms

Schizophyllum commune - Split gills

At Novembers meeting Dick Dougall brought our attention to an article written by Gary Lincoff that covers some of the winter mushrooms that you can find in the north east.  Although all the locations in the article are… Read More

Election results 2013

L to R: Todd Kaufmann, Fluff Berger, Richard Jacob, Barbara DeRiso (Scott Pavelle, not present)

We would like to thank Jim Wasik, who is stepping down from the Presidency, and Valerie Baker, who stepped in at short notice for Recording Secretary, for their work this year in running the Club . At the… Read More

Quartet of Mushroom With Thyme and Crème Fraiche

At last nights meeting Jeff Berkowitz gave a cooking demonstration and tasting to the club. Jeff has kindly agreed to share the recipes. The main recipe uses Crème Fraiche which can be difficult to find, there are a few… Read More