May meeting online: Heavy Metal Contamination in Edible Mushrooms

On May 19th we held our first online meeting. Rather than the traditional cultivation night which we were not able to host due to meeting restrictions we had a talk on a new project: Heavy Metal Contamination in… Read More

EarthWeek: Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club Talk – Live on 7pm 21st April

This was recorded live at 7pm April 21st as part of the Carnegie Science Center Something to WATCH: For our #EarthWeek Toadstool Tuesday finale, Richard Jacob – a scientist, amateur mycologist, and past president of the Western Pennsylvania… Read More

Can I eat that? Also known as the edible mushroom year talk.

This talk has been presented at a club meeting and the 2019 mushroom education class by Richard Jacob. The plan was to make it into a page on the website but that hasn’t happened yet. Until it does… Read More

Psychedelic Mushrooms: A New Age of Treatment?

Psychedelic Mushrooms: A New Age of Treatment? Presented by Past-President Richard Jacob, Ph.D. at the March 2019 meeting. Psychedelic mushrooms are becoming less controversial by the year.  The presentation covers the mushrooms and chemicals involved, their usage, effects,… Read More

Fungi Features

The second talk of the new year taken from our archives of presentations from talks at meetings or education classes. This presentation was part of last years education class. If you want to move beyond identifying some easy… Read More