Genera Within the Bolete Family

A presentation from John Stuart with contributions from the Western Pa Mushroom Club

Picture of Strobilomyces “floccupus” by Joyce Gross

2 Comments on “Genera Within the Bolete Family

  1. I have a bunch of mushrooms I harvested from a local maple tree and I cant seem to find out what they are…please help. I found pics of the mushroom but the captions do not note what they are and if they are edible. We are new to the PA area and need to learn these things so we can effectively and safely harvest wild mushrooms for our family.

    • I would need to see pictures of the mushrooms and even then the ID would not be 100 % certain unless it was a really obvious species like Chicken of the woods (Laetiporus sulphureus). In general we advise that if you are not confident in your identification of the mushroom don’t eat it. Even if someone tells you that the mushroom is edible you need to check the ID yourself.

      A good place to find out about local mushrooms is our monthly meeting and attending some of the weekend walks. We have two more meetings, but currently no more walks scheduled. That will probably change in the next week or so – check back at the events page.

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