At the recent Hartwood Acres walk I heard about  an interesting website that I would like to pass on to club members, As many of you are aware morels are fruiting a little later this year. From looking at maps at the Morel Hunters website the culprit seems to be soil temperature rather than precipitation. The Morel hunters website crowd sources sightings of morels plotting them onto a map in a similar fashion to bird sightings, and other harbingers of spring, as reported at the Journey North website. There is also a general and State message boards where Morel Hunters share pictures and tales of their finds.

Not sure how to find a morel? The Ohio Mushroom society has a nice article about Morels and how to find them. That’s recommended reading before going on the The Great Morel Quest with John Plischke III on May 10th.

There are a number of other websites that specialize in Morel information, has soil temperature and precipitation maps as well as message boards but no sighting maps.  Let us know if you have other favorite morel websites.

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