New study to identify and catalog Amanita genus mushrooms of Western Pennsylvania

The genus Amanita contains many well-known species, such as Amanita bisporigera the “destroying angel”. Some amanitas are responsible for the majority of serious mushroom poisonings and numerous deaths; on the other hand, a number of amanitas are edible… Read More

Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club collaborates with Duke University in a mushroom DNA barcoding push

DNA barcoding is the newest analytical method used to characterize and identify fungi. Traditional identification is based on the physical characteristics of fruiting bodies, including microscopic details. DNA barcoding adds identification at the genetic level. The Western Pennsylvania… Read More

Introduction to DNA Barcoding talk

May 2013  meeting presentation by Richard Jacob The beginnings of the WPMC DNA barcoding project, an introduction to DNA barcoding and the first results.

The results are in the first four DNA Barcoding samples.

Progress was stalled for a few weeks while we tried to order the oligo primers needed for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) from Sigma. They OK’ed the order but did not process it. We went with a different… Read More

DNA barcoding sample preparation

Now that we have the FTA plant saver cards we can prepare some samples for analysis. In early spring four WPMC members met and pooled a small collection of mushrooms together for the test samples.