How Many Mushrooms Do You Know?

Dick Dougall, John Stuart and Joyce Gross gave an excellent quiz at the first meeting of the year. We were asked to identify 50 common mushrooms from pictures and knowing the season when they are normally found.

For those that requested it here is the list:

No. Common Name Scientific Name Group
1 Stalked Scarlet Cup Sarcoscypha occidentalis 1
2 Common Brown Cup Peziza badio-confusa 1
3 Black Morel Morchella elata 1
4 Dryad’s Saddle or Pheasant Back Polyporous squamosus 8A
5 Yellow Morel Morchella esculenta 1
6 Wine Cap (Stropharia{L}) Stropharia rugosoannulata 9
7 Common Split Gill Schizophyllum commune 8A
8 Mica Cap Coprinus micaceus 9
9 Hexagonal-pored Polypore Polyporus (Favolus{L}) alveolaris 8A
10 Chicken Mush. or Sulfur Shelf Laetiporus sulphureus 8A
11 Wood Ear or Tree Ear{L} Auricularia auricula 3
12 Deadman’s Fingers Xylaria polymorpha 2
13 Smooth Chanterelle Cantharellus lateritius 4
14 Crown-tipped Coral Clavicorona/Artomyces pyxidata 5
15 Jack O’Lantern Omphalotus olearius {L}, Omphalotus illudens {USA} 9
Clitocybe illudens {old}
16 Chanterelle Cantharellus cibarius 4
17 Shaggy Mane Coprinus comatus 9
18 Black Trumpet Craterellus fallax 4
19 Giant Puffball Langermannia {R} or Calvatia {L} gigantea 10
20 Violet Toothed Polypore Trichaptum biforme 8A
21 Witches’ Butter Tremella mesenterica 3
22 Bearded Tooth or Lion’s Mane Hericium erinaceus 6
23 Artist Conk Ganoderma applanatum 8A
24 Old Man of the Woods Strobilomyces floccopus 8B
25 Ceramic Parchment Xylobolus frustulatus 7
26 Japanese Umbrella Inky Coprinus plicatilis or Parasola plicatilis 9
27 White Dunce Cap Conocybe lactea 9
28 White Egg Bird’s Nest Crucibulum laeve 11
29 Fly Agaric{L} or Fly Poison{R} Amanita muscaria v. formosa 9
30 Thick-maze Oak or Oak Polypore Daedalea quercina 8A
31 Frost’s Bolete Boletus frostii 8B
32 Orange Mycena Mycena leaiana 9
33 Destroying Angel Amanita bisporiger or A. virosa {L} 9
34 Splash Cups or Black Egg Bird’s Nest Cyathus striatus 11
35 Dog Stinkhorn Mutinus caninus 12
36 Stinky Squid Pseudocolus schellenbergiae or P. fusiformis 12
37 Pigskin Poison Puffball Scleroderma citrinum 10
38 King Bolete Boletus edulis 8B
39 Rounded Earthstar Geastrum saccatum 10
40 Bleeding Mycena Mycena haematopus 9
41 Amanita Mold Hypomyces hyalinus parasite
42 Scrambled-egg or Dog-Vomit Slime Mold Fuligo septica slime mold
43 Redding Lepiota Lepiota americana 9
44 Meadow Mushroom Agaricus campestris 9
45 Hen of the Woods Grifola frondosa 8A
46 Carbon Balls Daldinia concentrica 2
47 Honey Mushroom Armillaria (or Armillariella{L}) mellea 9
48 Oyster Mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus 9
49 Blewit Clitocybe nuda 9
50 Deadly Galerina Galerina marginata (or autumnalis {L}) 9

And the breakdown by group:

Group #1 Cup Fungi & Morels 4
Group #2 Pimple-dotted Fungi 2
Group #3 Jelly Fungi 2
Group #4 Chanterelles 3
Group #5 Coral Fungi 1
Group #6 Tooth Fungi 1
Group #7 Vase & Parchment Fungi 1
Group #8A Polypores 8
Group #8B Boletes 3
Group #9 Gilled Mushrooms 16
Group #10 Puffballs 3
Group #11 Bird’s Nest Fungi 2
Group #12 Stinkhorns 2
Parasitic Fungi 1
Slime Molds 1

Were you at the meeting? Did you identify more than 10 species? If so you could earn a button as part of the John Plischke III Award For Mushroom Knowledge or Button ID Program! All it takes a few minutes to record the species you know then show the list to Dick Dougall at the meeting to receive the award and an attractive button.


See you all next month or on a walk!

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  1. I enjoyed this meeting, it was a good refresher after not seeing that many mushrooms in the winter. There were about 5 mushrooms I couldn’t remember either the genus or the species name.

    A couple of mushroom picture were ambiguous, to me the wood ear looked more like an exidia, and one of the honey mushroom pictures, the large rounded rosette, I thought was the Ringless honey.

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